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Funding Opportunities

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Funding Opportunities

List (alphabetical) of funding oportunities (not complete). Not all calls may be open at all times. Click on the titles for further information or contact yin-office@desy.de.

DAAD Grants

Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists.

DESY Fellows

Post Doc positions in experimental particle physics, theoretical particle physics, photon science and accelerator physics. The details and deadlines depend on the respective research area. Grant is awarded to applicants, not to group leaders.

PIER Idea Fund

Calls usually require cooperation between DESY and UHH scientists. Funds innovative, creative and unusual research ideas, workshops, and visits of international guests for short term stays.

PIER Graduate School Travel Grants

PIER travel grants can be used for research stays, summer/winter schools, workshops, conferences etc. abroad or in Germany (as well Hamburg) for PhD students that are full members of the PIER graduate school.

Quantum Universe Cross-Disciplinary Activity Grants

PhD and postdoc positions to exploit research opportunities between the different research projects in the four cluster areas and the platforms.